From A to Z we offer you top works onboard your yacht as paint, joinery and all services as written below.

Welding and ship hull assembly works

  • Welding and assembly's unit ships.

  • Welding and assembly of ship blocks

  • Welding and assembly of ship grand-blocks

  • Ship hull assembly in a doc

Welders are constantly updated with special training courses and are all in possession of licenses recognized by the most important organizations of international ship certification and come regularly re-qualified.

Pipings's works installation

  • Weldings's process according to 111, 136, 138, 141

  • From DN15 to DN500 steel, Inox, PVC, brass, blucher and other types of pipes

  • pumps's installation, valves and other equipment in ships

Heating - Ventilation Air conditioning and insulation works

  • Plumbing works

  • Ventilation piping installation

  • Pipeline insulation

  • Fire insulation

  • Sound insulation

  • Heat insulation

  • Tinning works

Electrical Outfitting works

  • Electric installation works

  • Ceiling finishing and painting

  • Wall finishing, priming and painting

  • Floor finishing

  • Deck finishing

  • Access floor

  • Stainless steel railing installation