Explorer Yacht Builders

Company specialized in steel hulls constructions as our customers required us. All explorer projects comply through INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF CLASSIFICATION SOCIETIES. Iurisci Shipyard Abruzzo Superyachts it is to your disposal for build your explorer yacht project and it is our interest to talk with our customers about that. 

The Unified Requirements for Polar Class ships apply to ships constructed of steel and intended for independent navigation in ice-infested polar waters. 

Ships that comply with the UR I2 and UR I3 can be considered for a Polar Class notation as listed in Table 1. The requirements of UR I2 and UR I3 are in addition to the open water requirements of the Classification Society. If the hull and machinery are constructed such as to comply with the requirements of different Polar Classes, then both the hull and machinery are to be assigned the lower of these classes in the Certificate of Classification. Compliance of the hull or machinery with the requirements of a higher Polar Class is also to be indicated in the Certificate of Classification or equivalent.

Ships which are assigned a Polar Class notation and complying with the relevant requirements of UR I2 and UR I3 may be given the additional notation “Icebreaker”. “Icebreaker" refers to any ship having an operational profile that includes escort or ice management functions, having powering and dimensions that allow it to undertake aggressive operations in ice-covered waters. 

For ships which are assigned a Polar Class notation, the hull form and propulsion power are to be such that the ship can operate independently and at continuous speed in a representative ice condition, as defined in Table 1 for the corresponding Polar Class. For ships and ship-shaped units which are intentionally not designed to operate independently in ice, such operational intent or limitations are to be explicitly stated in the Certificate of Classification or equivalent.