Guide to Antarctica

A frozen paradise full of glittering glaciers and extraordinary wild animals

Outside of the white continent of the Antarctica, the great and magnificent is a quiet scene of a winter and time wilderness, and created an unparalleled natural beauty. Yacht chart is the ultimate way to explore this attractive and majestic position. Every year, franchisees succumb to the disturbing charm of Antarctica.

The unintentional land of Antarctica is covered with ice cubes, and to a large extent without being touched by people, it provides some of the most beautiful attractions in the world. The drowsy iceberg brings the cobalt glacier water to the bring, and the glittering snowflake gypsum competes with Antarctic wildlife, which is still a fearless tourist. The awe of views, as a penguin colonies and the colonies of Robben, are obsessed with natural habitats and pursue daily activities without knowing the audience. This is the best side in a very wonderful exhibition. Antarctica is a paradise for outdoor lovers.

On the most beautiful sea cape in the world, there are many most beautiful sea capes. Under the high iceberg, explore the impermanence of this majestic fairyland and the sense of loneliness. Appreciate the icebergs of the iceberg, and boldly towards the island. This breathtaking position is one of the most incredible islands in the world. It is located in the southern part of Shetland and southern Antarctic Peninsula to provide perfect protection water. The volcanic crater is one of the safest natural ports, with glacier landscape and impressive landscape, which is inevitable.


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Traveling south on the narrow water road of the Lamel Canal is undoubtedly the free highlight of each Antarctic yacht -Shilta. This picturesque place is frame by the rough coast of Antarctic Cliffs and Bot Island, known as "Kodak Gorge", which is sufficient. The protected water of this remote bay is usually like a lake. The lake is comfortable, calm, and calm, because they appreciate the inspiring people's favorite humpbacks in their favorite breeding grounds.

Any yacht charter to Antarctica must have an experienced crew and a robust vessel, since the power of nature may make this a difficult but incredibly rewarding charter location. Clocks and calendars have no place in Antarctica since the temperature and ice control the time, leaving every explorer at the mercy of the continent's moods and weather patterns. Between November and March, when temperatures often stay between 20 and 35 degrees Fahrenheit and sunlight can persist for 20 or more hours every day, is the finest time to go.

Antarctica vows to exceed your expectations and provide far more than you could possibly imagine. In this unspoiled wilderness, there are options for fishing, mountain climbing, and diving, but it is unimaginable to see the creatures that have endured here despite the wind and cold.

If you want to spend a private crewed yachting holiday in this area, Antarctica is nothing short of a breathtaking wilderness. To begin planning your next trip, contact a reputable yacht charter broker.

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