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Phone office: +39 085 911 7700

Mobile phone: +39 342 52 67 446

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Skype: Nick Italy Trade

WhatsApp: +39 342 52 67 446

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Corso Garibaldi 14 - 66026 Ortona ( CH ) Italy

Shipyard Address

Via Cervana 66026 Ortona Harbor ( CH ) Italy


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For official communications between companies  or privates we use certIfied email known as Posta elettronica certificata in Italy, or PEC in small words, is a kind of email in use in Italy, Switzerland, Hong Kong and Germany. Certified email is meant to provide a legal equivalent of the traditional registered mail, in this way users can prove legally that a given email has been sent and  received. Do you need our certified email address? Please contact us  using data written above.