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 Azimuth thrusters 

Rolls-Royce is a global leader in the supply of azimuth thrusters. In an azimuth thruster the propeller rotates 360° around the vertical axis so the unit provides propulsion, steering and positioning thrust for superior manoeuvrability. Designs have been developed for propulsion and dynamic positioning in response to market requirements. As a result there is a design available to suit virtually any application. Simple and robust construction provides high operational reliability together with simple maintenance for low through life costs. Units can be supplied for diesel or electric drive together with a remote control system. 

Fixed mounted thrusters 

The Rolls-Royce US range comprises standard Z-drive units with input powers from 250 – 3,700kW to deliver a bollard pull for tug applications ranging from 11 to over 120 tonnes. Modular design allows the configuration, mounting type and size to be closely matched to user requirements. They are available with contra-rotating propellers for high propulsive efficiency with shallow draft or FP/CP propellers, open or ducted, with diameters to suit the vessel application 

Mounting options

Weld in spider: The thruster is mounted in two stages: upper assembly with the hull fitting is raised/lowered into position and welded in place. The underwater assembly is then bolted to the thruster. 

Weld in basic: The upper assembly is welded into the hull. The propeller unit is then bolted to the upper section. 

Bolt-in, top mounted: The casing plate is welded into the hull. The complete thruster unit is lowered onto the casing flange and bolted into position 

Azimuth thruster range 


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